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Steps in Creating IDX Website Through WordPress for Real Estate Transactions

WordPress is an incredibly popular option now, so why not use it to create an IDX real estate website? Certain features of real estate websites are not found on other common websites, thus they are not compatible with ready-made ones. The reason why real estate websites us IDX is to properly display listings with updated information from MLS. It won’t be a problems any longer all thanks to WordPress and the steps below.

In most cases, people would immediate seek out a professional developer in building IDX real estate website, although it may be an option it’s a rather expensive one. When you’re just starting out, it wouldn’t be practical to spend money on developers if you can actually do the website on your own even without a background in coding.

Step 1 – Beginning with the Real Estate Website

Before anything else, you have to go through dozens of platforms for the website and go with the one that suites your requirements. Evaluating each and every website builder out there will take a huge amount of time, a great option would be going for the one that’s used by hundreds and thousands of other real estate websites; none other than WordPress. Since there is a software and hosting service version it may be confusing, just keep in mind that the software is the one you need.

Step 2 – Choosing a Theme for the Real Estate Website

Thanks to thousands of pre-made templates available on quality website builders, you won’t get a headache trying to design websites from scratch; this is a relief for those who are not confident with website design. Keep in mind that real estate websites have far different needs compared to typical business websites.

Step 3 – Select the Plugin for the IDX Real Estate Website

Searching for IDX in the market can be a fun but overwhelming experience considering the sheer number of options available, but the choice has to be done carefully. After successfully activating the plug in, expect an additional menu on the admin bar labelled as ‘IDX.’

Step 4 – Successfully Promoting the Real Estate Website

At this stage of the creation process, the IDX real estate website should not only display an appealing theme but it should come with the IDX plug in; both aspects open doors for better options in creating targeted content fit for any type of search engine. Let’s say that there are particular housing communities, neighborhoods or cities that you plan to target then the best option is creating specific pages for the listings. Even after successfully displaying all the listings you had in mind, it’s time to fully utilize the IDX website by displaying relevant information regarding the area.

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